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Friday, December 16, 2011

Facebook Timeline

So, its finally here - The Bold New Look of facebook. The "TimeLine". With much fuss over it being yet another annoying little tweak on the home page, this comes as quite a fun surprise. Lets go through the gist of it.

Timeline change basically adds two new broader changes to the layout.

1) Look and feel - Amazing new bold and beautiful look. A fun Cover image that you can stick to your profile on top of your thumbnail image. Views lets you see everything at one place. Finally, the Activity log show you what's you been upto, from the day you joined facebook till now. A little changes here and there, but who bothers about them anymore. haa!

2) The entire history of your e-existence on facebook, right at your fngertips. You have the tools to show the public or your individual friends what you want them to see. More privacy, a litle cheating is allowed and lots of fun.

You have the option to choose your timeline over a period of 7 days from the day you activate TIMELINE, In these 7 days, you can choose to change - modify - update your timeline postings. And at the end of it, your timeline goes live for the public to see. Of Course you have the option  to customize what you see and what others can see. I tried it out just a while back, and the features look impressive.

In case you are wondering how to activate it, here's the link -
Timeline on Facebook

Just as i was praising Google+ in my last post, this beefed up new FB update comes along. This Online jungle is full of surprises isn't it? :)


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