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Friday, December 16, 2011

Google+ - Why - Why Not?

10 things i love about Google+

10) Unlike Facebook or twitter, you don't have to add friends, just to see what they share. What's Hot - lets you explore the public messages, posts and what not of the whole wide world.

9) No annoying changes to features, styles, format on an alarmingly regular intervals like Facebook. At least of what i have seen.

8) Separate options for public and private sharing, which is easy to understand and use. In Facebook or orkut or any other site that you might use for your networking pleasure, you have way too many hurdles to cross before you can find the right way to do it.

7) Pictures are faster and easy to navigate. Loved the format. Again props to share them as public, private custom or via circles.

6) In case you are wondering, just like the many social networking sites, G+ gives you games too. Fifth tab on the top.

5) All your photos associated with your the Google account, would appear in your photos section. You can use them as you please. Fun!

4) Share Circles - In case you were wondering if you wanted to get all your colleagues together, or your batch-mates in one little group, just forward a circle to them asking them to add people as they go. Pretty Cool ai? :)

3) Faster. Unlike Facebook, it doesn't put everything available under the sun, into one single hideous page layout.
2)The inbuilt chat lets you chat with people who have shared info with you. For general chats, you need to use gtalk or Gmail chat. Nice to have feature. If you say want to go online only to chat with a few that you trust just add them to a circle and you would be restricting chat access to a select few. Kind of works great for  me.

1) Hang Outs are fun. Although,  it sounds almost similar to the Facebook Event postings, it isn't. Basically, its a customizable public video/audio discussion provision. Unlike events, it allows a live one-to-many public interaction.

All in all, a fun and fresh change to an otherwise mundane networking mess of an online world don't ya think?

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