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Saturday, January 14, 2012

SIRI for Android? Well, Almost!

 SIRI.. At first i thought it was an alternate to call the Apple-maestro - Steve jobs. But then, I finally got to know, err. it is a voice-assistant for your apple iPhone 4.

And, like before our competitors have been trying to catch up to the apple wave ever since. If you are wondering, when will the competitors catch up to Siri, and lend us an Android version of SIR ( or as i call is ANSIRI), here below is your answer -

SpeakToIt Assistant

It is a fun app to have. If you are the adventurous kind, this one will really impress you. Detects your voice commands nicely, has abundant commands feed'ed for you, and is pretty light weight too, @just above 2MBs.

There are other options as well -
Eva (Bullterproof) , but @ the 500+ bucks VS for Free debate, for me the former won! The free version is just a sham, as always. Plus, there is no sound in Eva.. On the other hand, Speaktoit was able to detect my commands and was working almost flawlessly.

Give it a try. Its fun. :)


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