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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Five Really Interesting & Innovative WebSites ~ 1

Ok so here are my new finds. Some really fun and useful list of websites that i discovered on my leisure-browsing time!

1) Bing-vs-google

Here's a unique idea, why not show you a comparison of the results from both the search engines in one go? This one does exactly that, in a split window showing both set of results.

2) Lamebook

So, you are laughing on that hilarious status message on Facebook, eh? Here's one that has got the most unbelievably ridiculous and funny Facebook statuses and conversations ever.

3) FunnyPatentsAndInventions

Here's one, People seriously have some weird ideas. A list of weird patents people hold, and some even more seriously ridiculous facts about them.

4) http://www.postsecret.com/

A list of secrets people keep. anonymously shared here in this website. Some funny, and some really uncanny secrets, all shared. Maybe you will find one that you would like to share with the Virtual world?

5) http://www.listal.com

A really fun website, and an amazing concept. Share lists of all caste and creed here, from Movie lists to TV Shows, from Reading Lists to Games to play lists, you can find it all here. And, Its getting extended to Reviews, Videos etc. You'll have a lot of fun here. Very Informative :)

That's it for now. The hunt for a new and exciting website is still on. Till den, try these out! :)


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