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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger Tips and Tricks

Ok, I have struggled a lot while trying to use blogger effectively @ first. But now after trying way too long with it, i have found some confidence in matters of using Blogger effectively. Here are a few tips and tricks that might help the new Bloggers in using blogger and exploring it.

1) Adding JavaScript to your blog -
Firstly, If you want to add a Javascript based Widget to your blog, you don't have to beat your head on writing scripts, you can do it in these simple steps -
    a) Go to Design, And click on Add a Gadget

    b) From the basics tab,  click the HTML/JavaScript link.
    c) Copy paste your javaScript widget script save.
You're done, it should now show in your blog after you save the settings.

2) Stats -
There is a Stats link on your Blogger dashboard that helps you analyze your blog trends. If you are new, your stats won't be showing on www.alexa.com or other Blog statistics sites for a while, and so this would be the perfect place for you to keep an eye on your blog and its statistics.

3) Google AdSense -
If your blog is brand new, don't bother adding an AdSense account right away, your blog is most definitely going to be rejected. Wait for a few months, let you blog create its place in the vast ocean of blogs, and then after you have a following, and a readers list, you can go ahead and try out AdSense.

4) Getting more readers/comments -
If you want to have more readership, you're first to-do should be to try and explore other like minded bloggers. Don't go on poking into every site writing useless comments. If you like a blog, and are able to relate to his posts, its very much possible that that blogger would like your posts too. So, try to visit as much blogs as possible in your areas of interest. And do follow.

5) Followers -
Easiest way to follow someone on blogger is to click the follow link that is on your "NavBar" (Top Left). Other ways is to follow using an openID (if you want to remain anonymous or don't want to use your blogger ID), or your blogger profile.

Hope, i was able to provide some insight into the world of blogger community. Will come back with some more info when i can!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why the new Hotmail is a better mail client ~~~

Do You think only Gmail/Yahoo have improved email clients, nothing comes near? Check out the new "Hotmail".Windows live has (although a little late), included almost every feature that "Gmail" provides, plus it looks sharper and more attractive. Plus, I always loved the look and feel of the Hotmail inbuilt calendar.

In place of Google docs, we have Office which includes -
Word, Excel, Power-point and One-note documents.

We also have the inbuilt MSN live messenger, the chat interface is really neat, and pretty effective.
A quick view tab is provided on the left for easy access to these features.

The look and feel of the entire client seems borrowed entirely from Outlook, and that is a good thing provided you are an avid user of MS outlook. The new "familiar" looking reading pane which is also adjustable was a positive change. Folders structure with Folder sorting is available too. Rules can be similar to Gmail "Labels", and are easy to use. Items could easily be dragged and dropped between folders, and works at decent pace too.

"Photos" provide a way of photo sharing, with your MSN/windows live friends. Although, it was hanging/showing error screens every time i tried checking it out via the main link. The link on the quick access though, on the left menu bar, works well.

The new Microsoft SmartScreen is implemented, and works pretty well in keeping junk/spam out of your inbox. I haven't had a single junk mail in my mailbox since the new features were implemented. Pretty cool. Limited set of themes available now, but the one's that are available aren't as tacky and could be made ado with.

So, the  final conclusion, hotmail is indeed a clean alternative to Gmail, if you are willing to try something new out.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Facebook new features - Good/bad?

Facebook has recently gone crazy about including features on the site. May be its a good thing, may be not so much, lets find out.

1) Messages -
It was one of the best features of the site, fast, reliable and very easy to use/navigate. Although, i am not sure the new version would be to the liking of everyone.

You can now switch between, quick reply mode(Using "enter" key to send messages) , and normal mode(Use the reply/send buttons). I would say that's a good inclusion. Also, you can choose to send a copy of the message as a text message (basically to the mobile).

2) Wall/News Feed - Now you can only post comments only using the Enter key. No buttons, and its indeed very very fast.

3) Chat - Well not the best chat options available, and not much change here either. The only change i could see was the "Go to conversation" quick link added to the chat window beside the close button.

A few hidden features i like are -
a) Selective sharing - you can choose to select who you want to share your posts(link/pictures/text) with. You can choose to select all friends, everyone or just a few of your friends.
b) Typing @ symbol on text areas lets you select a friend and you can use that to post as a link to his/her profile.
c) The secure browsing option using the https secure protocol was interesting. Although, you cannot play games etc if you are using Facebook securely.

And lastly some cool emoticons i use -
8|     - Cool
B-)  - Cool2
[:|]    - Robot

And there's this cute one i found on the web -

 (,”)\ ♥♥ (“,)
./♥\. +   ./█\. = ♥
_| |_ ♥♥ _| |_

I was mostly looking forward to changes to FB chat, but some changes nonetheless. It was about time.

~ Fun stuff ~

So, here are a couple of things i like to do while on the internet, that kind of is a great way to pass time on a boring weekday @ work, plus you don't have to worry about your company internet accessibility policy ;)

1) The bing homepage, the pictures are indeed amazing, and the footnote about the picture provides a good read. Today's pic shows the Ural owls, eh i guess i am not a "nature" lover. *sigh*

2) Google homepage, the "themed" logos, aren't they just awesome? Today, the logo is animated (awesome of course) and is dedicated to "Martha Graham", the famous Dancer/Dance Director.

The man behind the scenes, "Dennis Hwang", works as a webmaster @ Google.

And, then there's the usual websites Digg, Stumbleupon etc. Although, nothing beats Facebooking, isn't it? ;) 


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